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02/04/2002 Entry: "New Site"

Brand new site up, http://www.stuntwood.org. I decided I wanted to do a site like this last week, and spent the last couple of days (in between attending this), putting it together.

If nothing else, this is the fastest loading site I've ever made.

Replies: [C.3]

Damn straight it was worth the bucks, it's time to start getting people to pay me for doing what I want to do.

Posted by steve @ 02/05/2002 11:57 AM PST

awesome idea... i will definitively be watching that site in the future.

Posted by kevin @ 02/05/2002 11:08 AM PST

So what'd ya learn from ole John Shaw? Was it worth the bucks?


Posted by Michael @ 02/05/2002 10:52 AM PST

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