1/27/06 Update
As you can see, this site isn't around anymore.

The quick update is - I've moved from Portland and now work as a Washington DC Photographer.

Anything below this probably out of date.


I live in Portland, Oregon, where I am a freelance photographer and web designer. If you're interested in that, more info is available here.

Why Portland? Mostly due to this girl going to school in this beautiful city.

Behind me in the photo is my climbing wall, which I built in my home office.

When not sitting in front of a computer, I like to be out hiking the coast, exploring, taking photos, hanging out at a certain bookstore, and figuring out what's next for me.

Design and Technical Notes:
My intent in redesigning this site (which went live 4/16/2002) was to make it less bandwidth hungry (my old site clocked in around 55K), while emphasizing a clean, concise design that emphasized simplicity and usability.

This site was designed with watercolors, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop/ImageReady and Notepad.

An older About page is available as well.

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