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01/31/2002 Entry: "LWTFC"

A friend needed sentences whose words started with letters in the following sequence. It was a super fun creative exercise, and I came up with:

Like War, though for children.
Lately, we've tried frosting cupcakes.
Lastly, we think for cutlery.
Letting weather threaten, few challenge.
Living well, tried for centuries.
Laughter wafts through forest chambers.

My favorite is the first one, though the last has a Rilke-ian quality to it, I think. Any other suggestions?

Replies: [C.2]

Law was the first crumbler.
Ladies wake to find chafing.
Limp, wobbily...the first creation.
Legs weak, tummy full, cheasecake.
Last winner, the first cheater.
Lottery was too fucking cheap.
Lurching wearily towards free chapstick.

That was fun, and I felt deep and introversive. Let's do it again sometime.

Posted by Pat Crimmins @ 02/07/2002 04:43 PM PST

Like water that feels cold.
Last week their friends cried.
Later we tried frozen [ice]cream.
Let's walk to Fred's car.
Let's whip that freaking cat.
Laundry will take forever cleaning.

Posted by Michael Aus and Mindy May @ 02/03/2002 08:29 AM PST

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