There wasn't a good reason for Vermont to happen. Why leave my family who I hadn't seen in months to drive 8 hours up to northern Vermont? It didn't make sense, but it ended up being just right. I do think people don't spend enough time alone with themselves. I probably spend too much time alone.

But, in thinking back, now that it's 4 weeks past, I remember the wonderful snowboarding I did, that was my excuse, to want to snowboard seems partially legitimate, but to really just want to hang out with steve voss sounded a little weird, not to me, but to others. But, I remember the magnificent sunset I saw behind me as I neared stowe, and was cleaning my salt-caked windshield, having to re-wet the squeegee several times to get all the grime off. The sky was an explosion of streaming orange that highlighted the snow clouds that were slowly moving in. It was dark when I finally pulled into the small inn off of mountain road. In the main house I was greeted by a british accent and a cuddly cat. I smiled at all of this, and paid the $105 for three nights in cash. >>>>