Wednesday, October 30, 2002

» Criminalizing people for not having homes has been an increasing problem for those people experiencing homelessness. As this Washington Post article points out, cities are taking truly cruel and desperate measures in an effort to drive poor people out of town.

Here in Portland, the Sit-Lie Ordinance, which is backed by business owners, often results in people being written exorbitant tickets for not having anywhere to go during the day. The tickets are rarely paid, since people can't afford them, and eventually they turn into warrants, and if the same person is caught again, they may be arrested and thrown in jail, simply for sitting on the sidewalk.

11:14 AM PST

Thursday, October 24, 2002


102402 (35k image)
Fremont Bridge with new camera

10:41 PM PST

Friday, October 18, 2002

» The Promise Ring have broken up, and this is very sad news, and I'm glad we saw them just 12 days ago.

Update: Slightly more information is available here.

09:52 AM PST

» "Outsiders peering in to the closed world of skateboarding wonder where the devotion comes from... To my mind, what is engaging about skating is that it is a metaphor for life... It will teach you the difference between courage and vanity, it demonstrates that power is nothing without control. She rewards hard work and perseverance, and short-cutting in application will get you shown the horizontal door. Style over content are the emperor's new clothes, while quiet and clear truth resonates like a clarion...

Disappointment and frustration serve to temper our overleaping ambition and season our dreams of majesty with the earthy taste of humility... the victory of optimism over experience is the engine room of skating. It underlines the importance of bringing a taste of awe and wonderment to a compromised and adult world. " Nial Neelson, Slap Magazine

09:40 AM PST

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

» Working for the Man started as a great paper zine, then became a book, and a website.

Working for the Man remains a great testament to the monotony of office work, bad coffee, crazy co-workers, etc. The archives provide hours of entertainment and are highly recommended (esp. at work).

Its creator, Jeffrey Yamaguchi is now involved in all sorts of cool projects (1, 2, 3), but WFtM remains my favorite.

11:07 AM PST

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

» The best documentary photographers are the ones who are able to make themselves invisible. They can fade into the background while continuing to remain incredibly close to their subjects.

Lauren Greenfield is one such photographer. Her newest book, Girl Culture was recently released, and looking at it consumed an hour of my time this morning over iced tea at the bookstore. Her ability to photograph moments of uncertainty, of growing, and to show the strangeness in very familiar scenes is unparalleled.

02:17 PM PST

Monday, October 14, 2002

» Jocko Weyland, a skateboarder, photographer and artist, recently had a book published entitled The Answer is Never. It's both a history of skateboarding and a personal history of his own life in skateboarding. Growing up in Estes Park, Colorado, he was often the only skateboarder around for miles, and would ride his skate ramp alone, for hours. Most of my Sunday was spent reading the book, and it's a powerful story about the overriding force skateboarding and punk rock music (and later hip-hop) had in his life, and how these passions led to his travelling the world skateboarding, photographing, and seeking out life experience.

A condensed section of the book is available.

08:00 AM PST

Friday, October 11, 2002

» A few new articles are up over at ImageStation Magazine, they include an article on good portrait shots (featuring a beautiful and much-appreciated model), another on EXIF tags, and a quick write-up of Jason Zada's Weekly DV.

10:50 AM PST

Wednesday, October 9, 2002


100902 (19k image)
sunflower and art gallery

09:33 PM PST

Tuesday, October 8, 2002


portland streetcar
empty streetcar

Today's a new beginning.

10:18 PM PST

Monday, October 7, 2002

» I've been given the opportunity to contribute over at A Day in the So, each day for the next week I'll have a new picture (taken within the last 24 hours) up there, with a caption. Have a look if you'd like.

07:50 AM PST

Sunday, October 6, 2002


100602 (24k image)
Jesse Michaels, Common Rider.

Promise Ring makes me happy.

Common Rider was anticipated by everyone. Most of the crowd was in pre-school when Jesse Michaels played in Operation Ivy. So we all waited, looking up to him, surprised at how much he looked like a California surfer.

A little research shows that Jesse didn't play guitar in his former band, yet why did he look so damned awkward up there, dancing around like he wasn't sure if he meant it. I hoped for him, that he would turn around, show that frenetic energy that came through in every Operation Ivy song. It ended, but not before they played Classics of Love, a truly great song that begins with Jesse singing so fast and clear, but it was lost in undermixed vocals and muddy guitars.

And anticipation is just brutal. We carry these thoughts, these scenarios about the greatness that is to come, but no one deserves them. How do you even go out on stage after being in a band that played so few shows, yet is simply legendary? What kind of courage does it take to not ride that fame, but to go a different way, to vanish for a decade before being heard again? I feel critical, but grateful for the chance to see him, and to have some kind of connection to one of the greatest bands I've known, broken up and gone before I ever knew them.

11:37 PM PST

Friday, October 4, 2002

» Listening to Dave Eggers read gives me energy to be creative. He spoke in waves of memories that could have been in any of our pasts, recognizing moments that will become life experiences and writing about that unfettered joy of being here right now, and young.

10:26 PM PST

» Jeffrey Yamaguchi's Living on the Cheap gives some solid tips on cutting down expenses, with the end result of having more money for your various cool projects.

08:47 AM PST

Wednesday, October 2, 2002


100102 (27k image)
Old Town / Chinatown

08:25 AM PST

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