Tuesday, July 30, 2002

» One of the pleasures of jet lag is the ability to get up at 6AM and not feel the least bit tired.

Another, is that this wonderful smell is coming through my window from World Cup Coffee as they roast their coffee beans this morning.

09:26 AM PST

» My patience for long plane rides is gone after going from Madrid, Spain, to Newark, NJ yesterday, and then to Portland today.

It's wonderful to come back though, to check my messages, to find out that my car insurance costs have been reduced, and to read kind words like these.

12:13 AM PST

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

» Spain is hidden alleys, quiet walkways, clothing lines dangling breezily off balconies, a certain soft but bright light that I havenŽt yet understood. Spain is historical, with the past nudged up close to the present, struggling with rudimentary phrases, good food, bad food, scooters flying by you on narrow streets, and so much more that IŽll continue looking for.

12:56 PM PST

Sunday, July 7, 2002

» W. Eugene Smith was one of the great photojournalists ever. His life was tumultuous as he fought to remain true to his craft. A simple assignment to shoot in the city of Pittsburgh turned into a life-long pursuit to document this city.

One of his first great photo essays (and a pioneering work in the evolution of the photo essay) was Country Doctor. All of those who came after Smith were influenced by the personal, emotional work that he relentlessly pursued above all else.

12:41 PM PST

Saturday, July 6, 2002


"The other thing I find really helpful is to constantly remember to discard my expectations. Photography is a bit like fishing. You can think and prepare all you want, but sometimes the fish bites and sometimes it doesn't." - Mike Johnston

Mike Johnston has been writing about photography for years. Currently, he writes the 37th Frame which is great in its idiosyncracies (such as not publishing anything on the web), and its honest look at photography. Thankfully, non-subscribers can still get a little dose of his wisdom every Sunday, with the Sunday Morning Photographer.

This week's article, Key Thoughts and The Zen of Fishing is especially good.

01:30 PM PST

Monday, July 1, 2002

» The first photograph ever was made in 1826 by French enginner, Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Here's how.

01:13 PM PST

» Washington DC Photographer

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