It had to be a rainy gray november day for things to turn out like it did. I debated whether or not I should leave the warmth my early afternoon nap afforded me for some exploration into the suburbs of Washington. After a bit of stumbling about, and some freshly made coffee (which generally does the trick in getting me motivated), I packed my backpack with my camera, an extra shirt, and some film. I had found directions on a web site, but they weren't especially directive, and it was hard to judge how long of a walk it would be from the forest glen metro station to the seminary.

With that all in my head, I boarded the metro, and settled in for the long ride through dc's mass transportation system until it found its way out of the cavernous tunnels of the city, and into the outlying suburbs.

The station was empty, and my footsteps resonated on the gray curved walls, and made me wonder if I should have stayed in bed. It also occurred to me that I should have mentioned to someone where I was going. >