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No comment needed.    8:33:56 PM


from an interview Ian MacKaye did with The Onion:
O: Do you ever get cynical?
IM: I don't think so. I'm not a very cynical person.
O: I mean, this is a very cynical view, but it's often sort of expected in society that if you're idealistic, that idealism will fade. You'll...
IM: You'll get real. And again, that's part of the American culture--that sense of, "You're a kid until you grow up. You can play around until you get real. You're on a farm team until you get called up to the majors. You're an apprentice until you become a professional." There are all these stages, and in music, people don't take you seriously unless you're marketed by a major label. The only stamp of validity has to come from these heinous corporations. And it just seems so strange that people like Sony would have that special stamp in art. "This is an artist, and everyone else is not real because they're not willing to make money." Which is fucking utter bullshit. When I first wanted to play music, I thought I'd never get to, because it seemed like music--and the whole industry surrounding it--was really for professionals only. And therefore, there's no point in me even trying. And punk rock was... I first started hearing about it in 1978 or '79, and it was like I had discovered this portal, this small window into a world that I knew must exist but could never find. And suddenly, here it was: this place where you could explore all sorts of unconventional ideas and approaches. People were just fucking around with good, creative things, and there are bad and good things going on. But it's important that you can have a place where bad things can be done. This world is not just about the good, and any time you're in a place where only good is being offered, you know that something very evil is working somewhere else. To get things right, you have to be able to make mistakes, and you can't be ashamed of that. That kind of thing can't really work in an arena that is completely predicated on profit. If you only have rock clubs, they won't book bands unless they draw, and a lot of new ideas can never be floated because people are never initially attracted to them. With bands like Minor Threat, people are like, "Oh, what a legendary band." But Minor Threat played in front of 20 people! Any band, like The Germs or anybody, that played in the beginning played to nobody. Punk rock was a place where I actually felt like, "Here is an area..." And I don't mean to suggest that it's the only area--it's just one that spoke to me--but it was an area where you didn't need to make money, because the music was the point, or the community was the point. People were just, like, "Fuck money."     9:49:41 PM


Man, those Scientolgists are pure evil. There was a "headquarters" near where I lived in DC, and it was creepy and sort of looked like a Masonic Temple.    10:27:21 PM

Birthday happiness included salamanders, snails, and walking through misty green forest with Charlene.
    10:55:43 AM


Driftwood (log) on Oregon Coast with bent nails.

Turning 23 years old in 2 hours, yikes.

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    10:17:28 PM


Wow. This camera looks truly amazing, now I just need to figure out where to get $7000 from.     11:10:53 PM

Site's up, plus a new story that just went up last night.    8:42:18 AM


Bush is walking into a trap. Chilling.    12:01:11 AM


Been busy with other sites, now that I've officially sold out. The idea of doing things my own way sounds perfect to me, but pretty scary. Oh, and my friend Jim Argyle (that's Phil Jackson to you) has his photo site up here.    9:45:26 PM


"You can no more win a war than win an earthquake." -Jeannette Rankin    2:27:34 AM


    11:57:15 AM

"We come now to the question of bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age. Trouble is, that's been done. The Soviets took care of it already. Make the Afghans suffer? They're already suffering. Level their houses? Done. Turn their schools into piles of rubble? Done. Eradicate their hospitals? Done. Destroy their infrastructure? Cut them off from medicine and healthcare? Too late. Someone already did all that."
    1:13:58 AM


Some firsthand experiences of photographers covering the WTC.    4:59:50 PM

Hatred founded on a twisted idea of religion is what caused the tragedy on Tuesday. Rather than offer comfort and support, some well-known religious leaders propogate the hate. Shame on you Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson for your horrible words and offering your own weak prejudices and skewed view of religion to "explain" this tragedy.    3:18:37 PM

"Back to normal" seems a long ways away. My days have been filled with very little-- giving blood on Wednesday, an aborted trip to the coastline yesterday, and lots and lots of time in front of the computer hitting reload on news sites. It bothers me that MSNBC used the video of the 2nd plane hitting as a transition for just about everything. Replaying the video of hundreds of people (and later, thousands) dying in a loop throughout the day is entirely inappropriate and insensitive to the people who lost their lives and to their loved ones whose scars can only deepen from seeing the video again and again.

I've got lots of work to do, and I'm forcing myself to do it, since sitting here will get me nowhere. I don't think there's any normality that will come to me anytime soon, and instead all that's left is to try my best to be active, to do what I can to help people in need (1, 2), to remember these people whose lives were lost, and to keep on living.    1:32:27 PM


Aftermath.    4:05:40 PM

I recommend the coverage here, here, Camworld has a personal account, as well as Slashdot which seems to be an excellent source of varied and personal reports. If you can, please give blood, call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE and find a center near you.    12:38:38 PM


Mt. Hood, 9/8/01 (arrived, settled, updates resuming)
    5:22:45 PM

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