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Had an awesome time here, met tons of neat people, many who I only knew through e-mail and doing zine trades.

Today I visited Asbury Park and saw the broken down skatepark that I'd spent a lot of time at, which is now behind locked doors but accessible with a bit of cunning and stealth (with a fully skateable wooden bowl, just watch out for the ceiling falling down).

I'm feeling gradually sicker right now, and need to get to bed.    9:00:05 PM


I had the pleasure of seeing Ted Leo and the Pharmacists play at a basement show in DC awhile back, and he blew me away with his energy and sheer rocktitude. I'm going to say right now that the new album on Lookout is one of my favorite albums of the year, and it's going to blow people's minds when they hear it. For your listening pleasure, I give you, Timorous Me by Ted Leo (mp3, 4.3 MB).    11:43:07 AM


I've just become involved in the photographica community, and gotten in gear by contributing: one, two, and three.    8:15:18 PM

Mark Andersen (a founder of Positive Force, who put on all the Fugazi/Fort Reno shows in DC) and Mark Jenkins have just released a book called Dance of Days, which exhaustively chronicles the DC Punk and Hardcore scene from its roots in the late 70's up to the present. My copy is on the way, and I'm unbelievably excited to read it.

If you have some time to spare, I heartily recommend this interview with Andersen and Jenkins on NPR that happened last weekend. My personal connection to the book comes from getting to interact with Ian MacKaye over the last few weeks, and finding my shyness immediately erased by him being one of the most friendly and cordial people I've met while in Washington.    4:25:36 PM

    4:18:48 PM


pixel flowers and prickly plants
    11:16:26 AM


Portland's a vastly interesting city and in our ten days there we saw a lot, including,

graffiti identical to one of my oft-used phrases

a newspaper telling of a sad event that reconfirmed my belief
that murder is murder, no matter who is performing the act

a collision of nature and urban landscape,
with quiet forest paths only minutes away from busy city streets

and sunsets over the old industrial areas
whose broken down warehouses are becoming hip new yuppie lofts.
    11:48:55 PM


A new home has been found in Portland. We're drunk on huge independent bookstores, an amazing skatepark, kind people and this wonderful, woodsy city. Lots of pictures are taken, but this silly machine won't let me upload them.     10:02:30 PM


Leaving for Portland tomorrow, city of rain, bookstores, concrete skateparks and futures.

    4:09:57 PM


Room cleaned, unpacked, projects finished, updates resuming tonight (finally).    9:33:06 AM

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