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Fugazi, April 27, 2001
    5:32:15 PM


Updates may be scarce as I continue work for an awesome rockstar photographer while studying for exams and attempting to shoot and process my entire photo portfolio that is due on Tuesday.    11:43:57 AM


Except from a Fugazi show report last weekend:
...a big crowd turned out for Dead Meadow. They played about 5 songs, and were abruptly pulled offstage. When Fugazi took the stage a half hour later, we found out why [sort of]. Ian said they had 70 minutes to play before we had to leave, so it was going to be fast and efficient. As he was imploring us to behave to that end, a man yelled, "Minor Threat!"
Ian MacKaye: Minor Threat's not playing tonight. [crowd cheers.] How old are you?
Dude: 25
Ian: 25? you were 8 when Minor Threat broke up. [crowd laughs.] Today is a much more important day.     9:33:45 PM

Damn right it does.    9:16:52 PM

The Battle of St. Jean.     9:08:01 PM


Non-lethal crowd control?

So then why have 17 people died in Northern Ireland because of their use (along with plastic bullets)? The entire face of anti-globalization protesting will change in a very violent way if someone were to die after being shot by a so-called nonlethal bullet.    5:14:37 PM


Three things:
(1) While it may be troubling to admit, the fact is that without the aggressive property destruction tactics employed by some protesters, this protest would not have reached the mainstream media in the way that it has. Furthermore, the symbolic success (and actual success, as noted in #3) has been greatly heightened by the partial destruction of the chain fence. Surprisingly, some of the media even seems to be covering the protests relatively neutrally (notably, this WP article).

(2) After watching video clips on indymedia and CTVNews, this protest looks a lot more like Seattle than it does Washington or Philadelphia given the amount of tear gas being used and the police's response to the protesters.

(3) Anyone who believed this protest was not going to be heard by those inside of the conference was and is wrong.    10:23:39 PM

"The standoff involved about 1,000 protesters and about 150 police equipped with riot shields and billy clubs. The police thumped their clubs rhythmically against their shields. From the protesters came the wail of a bagpiper and drum rolls. "

I love it, a great picture, a good picture, and another.

I just came back from the dc protest in Lafayette Park by the White House where a sizable group including mask-clad Zapatista supporters spoke out against the FTAA.    5:26:35 PM

Watch the wall come down!    4:29:09 PM


Nicely done. Street photography is about the decisive moment (a la Cartier-Bresson), and I think this picture was taken well-- not too late, not too soon.    7:42:58 PM

Bubble Experiments, Part I
    7:39:50 PM


Excellent video (links directly to Real Player file) on both sides of the FTAA protest, featuring an interview with DC's own Chuck0, who's keeping on top of things here.    11:21:16 PM

Truly an absurd story. When news reaches this level of ridiculousness, I think there must be some other side to the story which hasn't come to light yet, or at least I hope this guy isn't being that ignorant.     7:57:23 PM


Chalk art
    10:12:15 PM


Mannequins and malls
    9:43:20 AM


The broken english on the back of the paper chopsticks wrapper almost seems contrived. I've transcribed it on the left, all mistakes were copied directly from the wrapper. And jello with slide off.

Two little sticks
They're made out of wood
And they help you
To pick up your lunch
Your lunch
And if you practice
Then you'd get good
And you'll find you can pick up
A bunch to munch
Eat noodles with chopsticks
Eat dumplings with chopsticks
Eat sushi with chopsticks
That's fish!
Don't eat soup with your chopsticks
That's no good with chopsticks
And jello with slide off
Your dish
I eat with chopsticks
Can you eat with chopsticks?
Doctor told us
Be intell eat by using chopsticks
Lots of people use chopsticks
So try eat your chopsticks
Right Now

    9:15:04 PM


It happens that I'm munching on a yellow Peep right now, straight out of the freezer (which I recommend strongly, to give them a chewier texture). I found Peep Research to be one of the funniest sites I've seen in a long time. I especially like the Peep Surgery where these brave medical pioneers sought to separate the cojoined quinuplet Peeps.    5:50:37 PM

Alas, Kozmo, my source for late night ice cream, pizza and gummy worms, I'm sad to see you go.    5:26:38 PM

(token) Monument and Cherry Blossoms
    5:21:33 PM


    5:00:15 PM


Gandhi Memorial under a full moon.
    10:06:51 PM

Near an outdoor bathtub and snarled automobile parts.
    9:54:17 PM

Cat (Simon) and shadows.
    8:43:24 PM

    8:42:13 PM


Metro Dreams
    8:40:50 PM

Union Station, 3/30/01, 11:07 AM
    8:38:09 PM

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